10 Best 4GB RAM High-end Low Budget Android Smartphones

We have put together a list of best Android smartphones with 4GB RAM and are a High end and low budget. However, these phones are not the cheapest phone that has 4GB of ram, but phones that are superb and worth buying.

How about saying this article that is holding most smartphones comes with  4GB RAM in your budget.

A few months ago we heard about the 4gb ram smartphones buzz. Maybe you thought it'll be costly and tried to ignore. Good news, Android phones with whopping 4gb Ram are affordable and can play all your favorite Big Games.

The first thing comes to our mind is that they are excessive we can't manage the cost of it and all, you generally been considering their encounters, such as gaming and all, yet now in 2016 you can get this all inside your financial plan, no more accumulations of more cash for exorbitant Samsung, Sony, HTC cell phones. We have arranged a rundown of Best spending plan cell phones with 4GB RAM, which you can purchase in India and everywhere througho…

Official MIUI 8 Global Stable Download Links for All Xioami Phones

How to Root HTC One M10 with PC/ No PC Methods

The New HTC One M10 is launched, Htc released a video recently. Here is How to Root Htc one M10 with various methods.

How to Root HTC One M10 with PC Fist download theses file, as they are required to root your smartphone which is HTC One M10 in this case. The steps also work on similar variants of this phone.

A total of 3 or 4 files is required, Download them here.

#1. Fastboot Zip - Will make a connection to your phone and Computer.
#2. Twrp Recovery - It will be installed on your phone.
#3. Supersu Zip - This will manage root permissions.

#4 ADB Driver (If not installed on your computer).
Installing SuperSu with TWRP recovery.Step 1.  Download the ADB zip and uncompress it on your computer. Also, extract TWRP recovery zip. ( Extract the twrp zip and rename the file inside just twrp.img  for ease.
The overall folder will look like this,

(ii). Download SuperSu zip and place it on your Phone's internal storage.

Step Extra. Enable USB debugging on the device. (Optional)
(ii). Enable O…

12 Must Have Android Apps if you'r a Male

The play store is full of creative application and loads of junk apps, here are some of the apps we think you'd love to have on your android.

Required and must have for Male, an easy list of essential android apps to have on your phone in 2016.

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Do you love to read things just when you feel, Try Feedly simply add an article link and it will be saved for you to read anytime. There are some alternatives. Pocket for example. Feedly's design is powerful and clutter free, it also supported fonts size changing and night mode won't stress your eyes at all.

Get it: Play Store
Google Drive
It is really hard to carry a hard disk or pen drive all the time. Google Drive is for you if you want to access your files from any device. You can share those files with anyone or make the public, by default files you upload to Google Drive will be private.

Get it: Play Store
Speechnotes It turns your voice into text, continuous voice to text re…

7 Best Android apps for Kids (All Ages of Child)

Android is in our kid's soft hands, and they want to use it. Let's make it worth their while by adding some apps and games to your phone that your child can enjoy.

Best kids' apps of 2016: Best Android apps for teenagers
First, let's see some sound making apps, later we go through some other app like mini games. Hold your baby's diaper tight :p
Magic Piano by Smule Your child will love this thing, the app will tell where yo tap, and will produce some well-known tunes. Play it, and kids love sounds.
Virtuoso Piano Another free music tool.  Face it, and you can't fool your kid by not letting them play games on your Android phone, here are some of the best games that your kid will love for sure.
Temple Run Do you play it? let your kids play.
Subway Surfers You realize that bit in each enterprise film where the legend or courageous woman gets their hands on the fortune yet needs to explore a labyrinth of booby traps to get out alive? That is this amusement more or less…

[Cyanogenmod 14 ] CM14 Features and Release Date

CyanogenMod is an open source working framework for Smartphones and Tablet PCs that manufactures custom ROMs in light of Android portable stage. Right now, Cyanogenmod, ideally known as CM, is considered as a perfect arrangement in finding a custom ROMs based on most recent Android discharges. In the midst of the buzz around the up and coming Android N, we can likewise expect CyanogenMod 14 (CM14) getting discharged soon by the CM people group.
Cyanogenmod 14 Features List Previously, this open source stage has helped numerous Android Smartphone and Tablet clients denied of future Android overhauls to introduce custom ROMs particularly produced for their gadgets to appreciate the elements of most recent Android variants.

In many cases, Smartphone makers don't discharge a redesign for the most recent Android variant on more established models as they are occupied with taking care of the same for their present lead gadgets. Henceforth, clients need to depend on custom ROMs keeping …

[Security Tip] Keep Secure your Android Phone All the Time

Do you know Android Stats? The total number of global Android users are 1.4 billion (As of 9/29/15 Update), and Android’s share of the global mobile operating system market is 53.54%.
So, you might be thinking why we'are pushing you these stats?

Well ! The reason is As your PC or Laptop, your smartphones also carry your all information like your personal photographs, important emails, messages and even your passwords or banking details. And due to rise in android usage, the hackers have their interest from your PC to your Android Phones.Now you might be thinking, This might be possible if your phone infected with a VIRUS?Don't fear Because Android phones do not get viruses because they technically don't exist.

Android OS is based on Linux Kernel and Linux is the most secured operating system because the Linux kernel itself has a module, specifically Linux Security Module, called Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux). Also Android apps are developed using JAVA programming langu…