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Make your android phone look stunning with these Microsoft apps

Microsoft Products are much into Android now. Recently they launched some android apps, Microsoft developers are highly skilled you the quality will be great.

Arrow launcher  [Play Store]

Despite there are a lot launcher are available on play store. this Microsoft app is quite different.

It does offer a lot, you'll get Recent Apps, Recent Photos, Recent Contact on your home screen. Despite you'll get an app drawer but also you'll get

You will get the fast speed like with nova launcher also a great design to push yourself in love with Microsoft products.

Hub Keyboard [Play Store | ApkMirror link]

After Microsoft acquired Swift Key, They have launched a separate keyboard called Hub Keyboard. However, it does not have artificial intelligence. But it's fast and tiny and inbuilt support to office 365 Files.

6 Best Android Keyboard Apps | Android Trending

Xiaomi MI5 vs OnePlus 2 [Original Specification] HEAD to HEAD

Xiaomi MI5 Original Specifications are released yesterday in Official event. We put together both phones specs side by side.

Let's talk about MI5 First ......

The new flagship, MI reintroduced this phone by not having similarities to its old phones. From hardware to the software they changed almost all, MI5 comes with a front Home button which is also a Fingerprint scanner, well which is the first Mi phone to do this.

DesignMi5 is 7.25mm slim and is very lightweight to 129 grams and dimension is 69.2 x 144.55 x 7.25 mm. In another hand OnePlus 2 is the gorgeous looking phone we have seen. It has 5.5inch Display and weight at 175 grams and dimensions 151.8 x 74.9 x 9.85mm.

MI5 comes with 5.1-inch display and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The slim bezels on the fact provide the black version and nearly bezel-less look. Even for different colors, the bezels square measure astonishingly slim and raise the general look of the phone. Xiaomi has enclosed daylight|the daylig…

Microsoft's Hub Keyboard for Android is Released Review

Microsoft purchased SwiftKey and it is not an old story. Yet Microsoft pushed a separate keyboard for android to play store. It is called Hub Keyboard (Hub maybe because it has dedicated support for office 365).

Hub Keyboard is from Microsoft Garage, an outlet for experimental projects for you to try. Learn more at

Here are the highlighted features, you could use this app as,

Clipboard to Easily insert one of your recently copied items
Documents: Grab and share URLs of Office 365 documents in OneDrive and SharePoint
Contacts: Share information of a contact from your phone or your Office 365 accountTranslate: Translate what you are writing to another language / © Microsoft

Apart from many connections to office 365. It does has a very good looking UI. It's lightweight 12 MB (which is much lesser than SwiftKey.) /© AndroidTrending

If you are not an office 365 savvy, obviously the intended features are not gonna thrill you. However, I'll update this ar…

How to Backup Android apps as apk file on device storage

Google play store download apps as .bin files, of course, you can't find them easily for backup purpose. When you downloads an app through, you barely get the app installed. Unlike Play store alternatives which allow you to save download apps.

In this post, we'll explore easy ways to Backup Android apps as apk file on device storage. (especially apps you installed through play store.) Many apps provide installed app backup feature, but our favorite methods are described beneath.

Method #1. Using ES file manager to take app backups.
Shocked? That is a file manager app. But more that it could save your installed apps as (.apk format) so you can Install them later, when you Uninstall that app temporary or to Backup all apps.

1. Install ES file manager App.

Open it, by default a homepage windows will open.
To Backup apps open ES file manager - on home page tap on the "App" icon.

You can see all your installed app here. Simply press and hold to select an app or multiple a…

10 Best Photo Editing App for Android (Photography/Photo Editors 2016)

On android photo editing is in the early phase, allowing you to modify photo at basic level i.e. crop and brightness filters. However with time developers pushing (play store) photo editing app for android that offers more options and more customization. there are a bunch of gallery app for android if you want to manage all your taken photos easily.

In this top 10 list, we’ll explore the best photo editor apps for Android. Basically don't stop testing only one, get these all and try them. We also added YouTube video beneath each photo editor app review.

6 Best Android KeyboardsBest Android apps for bloggers
Autodesk Pixlr [Price: Free]

Autodesk Pixlr is popular and highly recommended by folks who reads our website, You can write on your images or there is a lot of filters available.
Point - Pixlr is from Autodesk, a known company in graphic design.

Fotor - Photo Editor Recently Fotor new update brings some new features "Focus" compony claims that they brings this fe…

[Game] "Thomas was alone" For Android - Box's And Jump

This Game was launched back in 2014 for android. Game was last Updated July 30, 2014. If you didn't heared about it, probably its because of its rough start and unrelated name. We too get to know about this game early 2016.

Review - It's already reviewed by some giant networks like NYT and Guardian, with overall good ratings. You shoult play this game as it has nothing to to much other than Box's and Jump.

“Across the game’s gaps and hazards, there’s a real emotional journey filled with narcissism and jealousy.” New York Times

"Sumptuous visuals and an engaging story." The Guardian

“It proves that you don't need tens of millions of dollars and hundreds of staff to make a game story worth telling, just a good hook, an engaging vision, and a whole lot of heart.” 9/10 – Destructoid

"Thomas Was Alone is a winning piece of minimalist game design that manages to do a lot with a little in an industry which far too frequently achieves the exact opposite, and it…

[Update v2.9 Beta] Greenify - What's New and Download


Greenify v. 2.9 beta 2

Prevent Aggressive Doze from being interrupted by significant motion. (requires granting DUMP permission manually or root)

Greenify v. 2.8 2 new experimental features for Android 6.0: Aggressive Doze (no root required) & Shallow Hibernation (root), pushing the power-saving beyond Marshmallow.Seamless auto-hibernation experience in non-root mode. (no flicking on screen any more)Nav-bar gesture for Android 6.0 (in settings).New option to toggle "screen off" implementation. (root)Improved the "working" state detection logic.The Tasker plug-in should now work with more compatible tools.New wake-lock-free hibernation engine.

How to Enable Aggressive Doze Mode for Marshmallow

By default, you will get Doze mode (works in the background, not visible UI) on most marshmallow ROM's (unless developer restricted). Marshmallow's new features actually do save battery after marshamallow api 23)
Aggressive doze mode optimizes apps more often to save more battery, here is how to enable aggressive doze mode on the marshmallow. Also greenify testing shallow hibernation for non-root users.
For Root Users 1. You'll need to root your android first.
2. Go to greenify play store page and opt for greenify beta testing, to get latest greenify version. 
3. Install greenify, go to its setting and tick the option that says aggressive doze.
4. Install Doze editor by default the timing parameters, doze mode uses is quite longer. You can decrease (or reverse) timing intervals by using doze editor /© android trending.
5. Don't make time interval so less, just to save battery. Use Helpful link - disable doze on marshmallow.


For Non root Users Conbnect your…

Best Root Apps for Android 2015

Every Year we show best android apps using them you can make most of your rooted phone. App lised below are Choosen by us in 2015. We'll post (newer) android apps for rooted phone soon.

1. SuperSU/ Superuser.
At that place are no suitable alternate for this app.  Using this app you can control root access of installed app that requires root permissiomn.

[Price - Free]

A worthy having app that can do various things to spped up your android phone. this include shifting any app to sd card. it can link all app data [dex, lib, apk] to sd card. What is link mean.?
linking mean moving your devices app to sd card unlike another transfer it move all part of of app data to sd card. To do so you have to make a 2nd partition (ex2 type if your on a stock rom) in sd card by plugging in computer.
Suggested : worthy brain reading app

3. Setcpu (outdated)

With use of this app you can...
Overclock : it will maximize the use of your Android processor. UnderClock : you can choose this optio…

What is root (definition you should know)

Root is the user name or account that by default has access to all commands and files on a Linux or other Unix-like operating system. It is also referred to as the root account, root user and the superuser. - linfo
It's bit risky while you try your phone to root. It can soft brick (which can be fixed easily with proper knowledge) but other side of the coin has lots of possibilities and advantages. For example you can customize phone performance by using apps like setcpu, greenify. You can take full backups of your phone. By using app like nandroid. You can breach into system files to know every possible thing. We'll write more about it later.

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While we launched android trending blog, we thought to link all of the android related posts from our other websites such as quick fever.

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Installing Remix OS 32-bit on HDD Dual boot with Windows, USB boot

Guide on Remix os 32-bit to install it on Hard Disk without the need of USB.

[Guide] How To Dual Boot Phoenix Os with Windows 7 8 10 [NO USB NEEDED]
Phoenix OS ( the alternative of remix os) for 32-bit machines.

Remix OS 2.0 PC 64-Bit/32-Bit Official Download links
This guide has nothing much to do with, It just contains official downloads links of Remix OS 2.0

Android AppTubeMate APK Download Free YouTube Downloader 2.2.6

TubeMate apk step by step guide on download and installing on your android phone and PC.

Android FunCrash Android and iPhone or PC Browser in One Click …

Android App We Used in 2015 (2014 - MID 2015)

I build this list of Android apps that I was using on my smartohone back in 2015. That time I as using a smartphone runs on Android v.4.4.2.

Android App We Used in 2015 and discovered a lot of new things which we keep updated on this website. 
Why am writing this article, that featuring the app that I am using? to show off?  no!!

Let's start with some basic Apps and advanced apps.
I did Rooted my android and installed SuperUser with greenfy.
You may know the SuperUser app it enables the adminship over the phone, and greenify makes phone stable by hibernating Apps.

I did added Apps in alphabetical order. You can search app keyword on play store to download.

Adsense- it keeps me stay tuned with monetization.
Aviary - photo editor, I like that magic color tool. But pixlr is unbeatable. (see pixlr below)
Bike racing (game)

Blogger - Official blogger app by Google to generate some content from the mobile.
BrainWars -

Color notes - I do save some texts for quick memory. ( alternate - keep,…