Best Root Apps for Android 2015

Best Root Apps for Android 2105

Every Year we show best android apps using them you can make most of your rooted phone. App lised below are Choosen by us in 2015. We'll post (newer) android apps for rooted phone soon.

1. SuperSU/ Superuser.
At that place are no suitable alternate for this app.  Using this app you can control root access of installed app that requires root permissiomn.

Cover art2. Link2SD
[Price - Free]

A worthy having app that can do various things to spped up your android phone. this include shifting any app to sd card. it can link all app data [dex, lib, apk] to sd card. What is link mean.?
linking mean moving your devices app to sd card unlike another transfer it move all part of of app data to sd card. To do so you have to make a 2nd partition (ex2 type if your on a stock rom) in sd card by plugging in computer.
Suggested : worthy brain reading app

3. Setcpu (outdated)

With use of this app you can...
Overclock : it will maximize the use of your Android processor.
UnderClock : you can choose this option, if will mininy the use and speed of cpu this result a battery save overall.

4. Greenify

[Price - Free]

Nothing come close to this app and its features to hibernating apps, deep hibernation both system and user apps.

If you are on Marshmallow or Lollipop Rom's first opt for Greenify Beta testing to receive Newer version of the App.

Thats all we said anout rooted phones best app that can bring out most of it.

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