Microsoft's Hub Keyboard for Android is Released Review

Microsoft purchased SwiftKey and it is not an old story. Yet Microsoft pushed a separate keyboard for android to play store. It is called Hub Keyboard (Hub maybe because it has dedicated support for office 365).

Hub Keyboard is from Microsoft Garage, an outlet for experimental projects for you to try. Learn more at

Here are the highlighted features, you could use this app as,

Clipboard to Easily insert one of your recently copied items
Documents: Grab and share URLs of Office 365 documents in OneDrive and SharePoint
Contacts: Share information of a contact from your phone or your Office 365 account Translate: Translate what you are writing to another language / © Microsoft

Apart from many connections to office 365. It does has a very good looking UI. It's lightweight 12 MB (which is much lesser than SwiftKey.) /© AndroidTrending

If you are not an office 365 savvy, obviously the intended features are not gonna thrill you. However, I'll update this article after spending a good time with Hub Keyboard on my android phone.

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