How to Backup Android apps as apk file on device storage

Google play store download apps as .bin files, of course, you can't find them easily for backup purpose. When you downloads an app through, you barely get the app installed. Unlike Play store alternatives which allow you to save download apps.

In this post, we'll explore easy ways to Backup Android apps as apk file on device storage. (especially apps you installed through play store.)
Many apps provide installed app backup feature, but our favorite methods are described beneath.

How to Backup Android apps as apk file on device storage

Method #1. Using ES file manager to take app backups.

Shocked? That is a file manager app. But more that it could save your installed apps as (.apk format) so you can Install them later, when you Uninstall that app temporary or to Backup all apps.

1. Install ES file manager App.

Open it, by default a homepage windows will open.
To Backup apps open ES file manager - on home page tap on the "App" icon.


You can see all your installed app here. Simply press and hold to select an app or multiple apps. - now tap on the backup icon. You'll see a confirmation bar displaying stats.


By default backup app location is set to Internet storage (/backup/app)  which can be changed by going to ES app - setting - App - directory.

Slide from the left side to open ES sidebar, at bottom you'll can see Setting Icon (which is highlighted in image) Tap and Tag again on 'APP'.


Now Tap on App backup Directory as seen in the below photo and locate where you want your apps to copied. I recommend setting your SD card so even when you format internal storage while factory reset you could have a backup on SD card.


Also, when you update an app through the play store, going again to ES app location could highlight the outdated app and you have to Backup it for further use.
Backing up can help you if you are going to update your ROM (clean install) so you don't need to waste data for downloading the same apps. This could even save your bandwidth.

Note: if your device happens to android version upgrade. It's recommended to install those apps (your did backup) and open play store to see if they got new updates or specifically for the newer version of Android you are running on.

Method #2. Backup app through recovery.

This process is different for every phone recovery. We will advise this method if you are familiar with recovery and full ROM backup. This method tends to perform a full ROM backup.

Method #3. Backup Over Internet (AirDroid)

Apart from managing your android over The Internet, this app can let to download installed apps directly to a computer.
You need to install it's android app make an account in it. Same with a desktop computer you need to login to its Web interface ( ) and log in. There are a bunch of tools, like file manager and contents viewers.

Find the icon that says 'apps' a new sub window will show apps you have on your device. And you can transfer them as apk file to your computer.

This method is worth if you are a geek who tries find new tricks for the old dog. Whicle it is not a recommend when you are on a metered connection.

Other Ways.
Easy Backup & Restore is free android app help you take backup your call logs, text messages, bookmarks.


Despite you could backup them on your storage, It is also recommended that you always keep your android safer by installing apps from play store and then backup them for further use.

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