Don't put put android phone into refrigerator (to cool-down phone and what to if i did it)

Don't put an android phone into the refrigerator.

Operating system getting heavy, talk about Android 2.3 to Android marshmallows, more functionality comes with more consumption to battery power.

Today, I'll explain the whole story of when you put an Android smartphone into a freeze.

On 7th March I was running my redmi two on marshmallows, using a few best apps inside it. And I was taking to one friends on Facebook messenger.

As the phone was heating, I though it will be better if I somehow try to decrease its temperature.

Just to keep in mind, redmi 2 is a low budget phone, and marshmallow inside it is a hard work of part time XDA developers.

Firstly I would like to clear that I have no intention to put my phone right inside the cold freezer. But using the phone that was constantly touching your fingers and palm area, transferring the heat. Is not a cool feeling if I say so.

I was not feeling very comfortable to hold the phone anymore, so I manage open the freezer and place the phone inside it. Somehow I was dealing with other tasks, so it's been more than 3-5 minutes before I pull off the phone from the freezer.

It was too late.(I did not know that) The phone was working fine, and I resumed that chat with a friend. After a few minutes, I turned off the phone and gone sleep.

Next morning, turned the phone on, NADA, It's started well, but not seemed to detect the Sim.
Then I searched for it and did these tasks.

Deoxidized the Sim card.
Resetting phone.
Flashing the ROM again.
Several times restarts.

Nada, SIM card still not detected, I was worried. I was disconnected to the Internet, was not able to respond emails and messages. (however I do these same tasks on my laptop, but less often.)

A few time later I also noticed that the Redmi 2 is not making any sound. Means you can't play songs, voice chats even no button tap and locks screen sounds.

However, the phone were still able to,
function WiFi and Bluetooth.
All other functions are working fine.

Now, what to learn from this post.

No matter how hard your phone does heats, you better cover it by any thick piece of cloth and use. Or buy a hard case for your phone. I both cases you'll be safe yourself feeling the heat into your fingers and palm area.

In case you already made this mistake, the only option is to go to the service center and ask them for a replacement or repair. Most of the times the circuit board needs to be replaced. Check your warranty period if it comes under warranty, they will fix if free of the cost.

You need to care to tell them what happened "Say' it was working fine last day and today just giving this error.'

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