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How to Determine which Xposed Module version You Need

Xposed has been a one of the best apps for tuning a rooted android phone. It does enable many sub tools like enabling soft key buttons and customizing navigation keys functions. Check this guide to know what you could do with xposed.

I know what Xposed is and what does it Do! I'm just a bit confused which version of xposed framework I have to flash in order to activate it? - says a frustrated user.

In this post, we'll explore how to determine which Xposed version you actually need, according to your CPU architecture and android version.

This official xposed download directory doesn't ring a bell about which version is for what use. Or let say xda tends for knowledgeable persons.

Let's know how to Crack this. First you need to know about your CPU architecture. Consider checking your phone spec online by Google 'your+phone+name specs' and look for CPU architecture.

1. The First thing you need to figure out it what kind of processor your phone have. Major android…