7 Best Android apps for Kids (All Ages of Child)

Android is in our kid's soft hands, and they want to use it. Let's make it worth their while by adding some apps and games to your phone that your child can enjoy.

Best kids' apps of 2016: Best Android apps for teenagers

First, let's see some sound making apps, later we go through some other app like mini games. Hold your baby's diaper tight :p

Your child will love this thing, the app will tell where yo tap, and will produce some well-known tunes. Play it, and kids love sounds.

Another free music tool. 
Face it, and you can't fool your kid by not letting them play games on your Android phone, here are some of the best games that your kid will love for sure.

Do you play it? let your kids play.

You realize that bit in each enterprise film where the legend or courageous woman gets their hands on the fortune yet needs to explore a labyrinth of booby traps to get out alive? That is this amusement more or less. It's free, and as indicated by our board delighted in by children matured from four upwards.

Available for both Andriod and IOS, this is the crispy bike racing game.

The most beautiful and sublime game that unlocks the creativity while you play this game. This game is all about impossible things can happen, twist-fold paths, bleeding edge architectures. One of the games that will be remembered to set the records this high.

Initially considered as an open security movement for an Australian metro organization Dumbs Ways To Die transformed from a splendid toon and maddeningly infectious tune that children affection to sing into a similarly fun session of 15 conceivably deadly potential outcomes. Kids love it and figure out how not to get themselves killed in the meantime. All together now: "Set flame to your hair, Poke a stick at a wild bear. Eat prescription that is obsolete, Use your reproductive organs as piranha trap."

You adore Despicable Me, isn't that so? Flunky Rush is an extraordinary activity arcade amusement where the minimal yellow Minions Jump, fly, evade hindrances, gather bananas, ride the Fluffy Unicorn, and thrashing scoundrels in an assortment of various missions. You can Customize your Minion with outfits, weapons, and catalysts. Acquiring new areas and diverse Minions makes this free amusement a considerable measure of good times for Despicable Me fans and any individual who likes bananas. There are in-application buys accessible yet not purchasing any doesn't influence gameplay in any capacity.
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Image Credit: Chris Fernandez (Dribbble)

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