12 Must Have Android Apps if you'r a Male

The play store is full of creative application and loads of junk apps, here are some of the apps we think you'd love to have on your android.

Required and must have for Male, an easy list of essential android apps to have on your phone in 2016.

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Do you love to read things just when you feel, Try Feedly simply add an article link and it will be saved for you to read anytime. There are some alternatives. Pocket for example. Feedly's design is powerful and clutter free, it also supported fonts size changing and night mode won't stress your eyes at all.

Get it: Play Store

Google Drive

It is really hard to carry a hard disk or pen drive all the time. Google Drive is for you if you want to access your files from any device. You can share those files with anyone or make the public, by default files you upload to Google Drive will be private.

Get it: Play Store


It turns your voice into text, continuous voice to text recognition. You can aslo use it's web version that works only on chrome as Google's voice Api is only supported on chrome yet.

it really helps me: - Fingers

Get it: Play Store


The Facebook app is all you need to be in touch with people matter to you. Despite you'll need facebook messenger to talk with your facebook friends.

Get it: Play Store


Don't stick with the Default browser that comes with your Android phone, Some customized Android like MIUI, already adopted an advanced browser. We say it; nothing is as near as Google Chrome.

Get it: Play Store | Source: Quickfever


What's on your mind? Every time you can not post it on Facebook or Twitter. Save your thoughts on Evernote as voice, text or pictures. If you think you can remember something that is right on your mind, you'll probably forget that when you try to recall it, even can forget to recall it.

Get it: Play Store

UC Mini

Fast rendered webpages, despite some of the website may look weird if they are powered by some scripts such as Jquery. For peoples searching something and just wanted to read some news online. size is around 2MB so it won't lag your Oldest Android phone at all.

Get it: Play Store


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